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What is Linefeed?

Are you developing a Cloud Service, a Web Service or just about any type of software? Linefeed can provide consultant services to help you select and build a platform for your services, and tools to accelerate your teams development speed to the Max

Efficient and flexible platform

With Ansible, Puppet or another “Infrastructure as Code” combined with Cloud Resources, you can have a platform with flexibility while still being 100% in charge

Hyperefficient Team

Teams that work according to the DevOps principle, and know how to leverage smart methods as Kanban produces better results, faster.

Continuous Delivery

Linking your tools for planning, coding and QA in just the right way can cut your delivery time from weeks to minutes!

What Do the Customers Say?

Testimonials from a few of Linefeeds clients

"Ultimate Integration"

Linking together our project’s plan, code and servers – It’s The agile project managers ultimate integration!

Jonathan, MyCRM

Jonathan Lahyani

"Continuous Deployment"

Continuous Deployment enables us to respond quickly to ever changing business needs.

Tobias Palmborg Klarna

Tor-Åke Fransson

Consultant in Cloud Computing and Optimization of Software Development

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Is your passion helping customers develop software and services? Contact us.

Reference projects

Some example customer cases

How do we work?

These are the typical steps in helping a customer:


Where does it make most sense to improve?


Together with your team, we identify what to improve and what should be kept


We change your platform, your process and your tools


If the team needs more knowledge in any area, we'll educate

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